Common SDK Errors

Understanding SDK Errors

Within Particle Network's SDKs, errors are almost always caught for SDK-related issues, meaning problems related to configuration, compatibility, initialization, etc.

For non-SDK related issues that may stem from external factors within your application (such as webpack/vite/etc. configurations, npm or yarn problems, etc.), you'll need to troubleshoot these manually or reach out to us through the Particle Network Discord.

Additionally, the error you're looking for may be present within Common API Errors.

Particle Auth/Connect

Error messageDescriptionComponent
"You need set project info" OR "Init AuthCore failed" OR "Param error, see doc for more info"This error occurs when attempting to initialize Particle Auth without including your projectId, clientKey, and appId. Head over to the Particle dashboard to retrieve and set these.*
"chain is required when authorization is provided"If initiating social login with authorization on Particle Auth Core, chain is required and should be a ChainInfo object imported from @particle-network/chains. Otherwise this error will be thrown.useConnect
"Please init first!" (or some derivative of this)A request for initialization (or init) will be thrown when attempting to access methods that require an underlying account. Ensure you've initialized Particle Auth before calling other methods within the SDK.*
"The chainId: {} is not supported." (or some derivative of this)This will be thrown when attempting to pass a chain ID into a specific function (commonly sendTransaction) that isn't supported by Particle Auth. For the full list of supported chains, head to Network Coverage.*
"WebSocket connection closed abnormally with code: 3000 (Authorization error: Unauthorized: invalid key)" OR "WebSocket connection closed abnormally with code: 3000 (Authorization error: Project ID is missing)"This occurs when using Particle Connect and failing to include a valid WalletConnect project ID within evmWallets, or specific wallet adapters. To retrieve this value, head to the WalletConnect dashboard.*

Particle AA SDK

Error messageDescriptionComponent
"Please configure the smart account contract first"When calling specific functions that require the context of an initialized smart account, you may encounter this error. To alleviate it, you'll need to ensure you've already constructed a valid instance of SmartAccount with a specific smart account chosen.setSmartAccountContract, getAccountConfig
"Current chain is not supported, chainId: {}, please configure it first"Upon assigning a smart account within SmartAccount and choosing a specific chainId (through chainIds), you may encounter this issue if the chain you're attempting to use to initialize the smart account is not supported by that implementation. Remember that different account implementations (SimpleAccount, Biconomy, CyberConnect) are each compatible with different chains.getAccountConfig
"Only BICONOMY 2.0.0 is supported"Session keys are currently supported on instances of BICONOMY 2.0.0. When attempting to call createSessions or validateSession on different account implementations, this error will be thrown. Ensure SmartAccount is configured to use biconomy version 2.0.0.createSessions, validateSession
"sendTxMode value error, must be in {}"When setting SendTransactionMode on AAWrapProvider, you'll need to use either SendTransactionMode.Gasless, SendTransactionMode.UserPaidNative, or SendTransactionMode.UserSelect, otherwise this error will be thrown.AAWrapProvider
"AA21 didn't pay prefund"This is a generic error a Bundler issues when a given smart account does not have the funds for a user operation. In this case, it will most likely occur upon account initialization (the first UserOperation sent by the wallet). Ensure you're either sponsoring the gas fees or have funded the account.Generic
"AA31 paymaster deposit too low"AA31 stems from insufficient funds within the Paymaster to sponsor a given transaction. Ensure you've funded the Particle Paymaster (or Biconomy Paymaster) with USDT on either Ethereum or BNB Chain. Your USDT will be automatically converted for multi-chain sponsorships.Generic
"AA25 Invalid Account Nonce"While unlikely to occur within Particle's AA SDK, there may be scenarios in which nonce management is disrupted, resulting in this error. This may happen if you're sending large volumes of UserOperations from a single account in a short time or if network issues are present and thus an invalid nonce is being returned to the backend of the SDK.Generic
"AA{}{}"Other issues of this nature (AA{}{}), stem directly from the invalid construction or execution of a UserOperation. Feel free to reach out within the Particle Network Discord for more assistance.Generic
"Account Abstraction Error"This often acts as the prefix for a generic AA error, such as AA21 didn't pay prefund, or other related issues.Generic


More targeted error codes may present themselves while using the SDK

These aren't covered within this document (example: personalSign error: {specific error description}) and often stem from parameter issues or underlying RPC errors (see Common API Errors).