Introduction to Web3 Services

Particle Network's Web3 Services enable reliable, high-throughput blockchain interactions.

Web3 Services

Among its Wallet-as-a-Service and Account Abstraction SDKs suite, Particle Network also offers a multitude of API endpoints designed to facilitate high-speed, flexible blockchain interactions. These interactions range from detailed data retrieval (of key information such as the tokens owned by a wallet), to ERC-20 swap construction and IPFS capabilities. Each collection of endpoints remains as a simple yet powerful solution for programmatically reading data and writing to the blockchain. In addition to the endpoints covered in this section, many of these capabilities are also natively accessible through Particle's various SDKs. These adjacent methods are detailed in SDK Reference (and SDK Reference for Solana).

Under Web3 Services, we provide a transparent and detailed look into the various endpoints offered by Particle Network, including an interactive playground for each endpoint, alongside multiple examples.

Web3 API Cards

NFT Market API

Endpoints to interact with Particle Network's NFT Service.


Enhanced RPC (Data API)

RPC endpoint natively integrating a realtime blockchain data API.


Enhanced RPC (Swap API)

RPC endpoint for the construction and retrieval of swaps.


Enhanced RPC (Solana)

Solana-specific RPC endpoint leveraging a built-in blockchain data API.



API for programmatically working with Particle Network's IPFS service.