Using Particle Wallet within a web browser

Particle Wallet for Web

While Particle Wallet doesn't have a dedicated SDK for web applications, interaction can primarily be facilitated through utilization of the Web (JavaScript/TypeScript) Auth SDK or iframe.


Direct in-browser wallet (default configuration)

👉 https://wallet.particle.network

Opening Wallet through iframe

Particle Wallet can also scan address and WalletConnect QR codes. To leverage this within iframe, you'll need to get the iframe element particle-wallet-iframe while enabling camera permissions.

const iframe = document.getElementById('particle-wallet-iframe');
iframe?.allow = 'camera'; 

Open Wallet through the Particle Auth Web SDK

If you've implemented the Web (JavaScript/TypeScript) Auth SDK, you can natively call openWallet with specific parameters in place to open a customized instance of the in-browser wallet interface.

Custom Particle Wallet Style

You can preview the custom wallet style configuration directly within Particle Wallet by clicking "edit styles" on the bottom right artboard.

Additionally, JSON-based surface-level styling and configuration will accept a few specific parameters, such as:

supportChainsThe active chains within the wallet interface.
displayTokenAddressesThe tokens displayed in the wallet's balances.
displayNFTContractAddressesThe NFT contracts displayed within the list of digital assets.
priorityTokenAddressesToken list priority.
priorityNFTContractAddressesNFT list priority.
fiatCoinFiat denomination (example: 'usd').
evmSupportWalletConnectWhether the wallet supports WalletConnect.
supportUIModeSwitchWhether the wallet supports UI mode switch.
supportLanguageSwitchWhether the wallet supports switching the language.
lightLight mode UI style.
darkDark mode UI style.