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Account Abstraction
Modularly tap into ERC-4337 AA within your dApp. Leverage Particle’s Bundler, Paymaster, and compatibility with Smart Account implementations.
Particle Auth
Onboard users in one click through a Web 2.0-adjacent interface. Compatible with phone, email, Google, X, and many more.
Embedded Wallet
A Web3 wallet, right within your dApp. Allow your users to focus on your product rather than navigating a typical wallet.
Particle Connect
Connect to both Web 2.0 accounts and mainstream wallets, enhancing accessibility through a unified interface.
BTC Connect
The first account abstraction protocol for Bitcoin. Control a Smart Account on an EVM-compatible L2 using your Bitcoin wallet.
Web3 Services
Access to Node services, NFT capabilities, data APIs, fiat on-ramps and much more.
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