Common API Errors

Understanding Common API Errors

When using both our SDKs and APIs/RPCs, there are a number of common errors you may run into while building your application. This page is intended to list as many of these errors as possible and highlight what may cause them, thus adding clarity to the standard return messages attached to the errors. For SDK-specific errors, look at Common SDK Errors.

CodePossible Return MessageCause
System Errors
10001System errorSystem error, or 10001, gets thrown when an internal JSON-RPC error occurs, referring to an error beneath the layer you're directly interacting with.
10002Invalid parametersWhen the parameters of a given RPC/API request are incorrect or missing, 10002 is thrown. Refer to the Introduction to API & SDK overview section for more details on specific endpoints.
Common Errors: 401xx
40101User not existsAccessing an invalid user (a Particle Auth wallet instance that's connected to your application and thus exposed a UUID and Token) will throw 40101, or "User not exists."
40102Authentication failedInitializing Particle Auth (or associated SDKs) requires a projectId, clientKey, and appId, if these are invalid, the error "Authentication failed" is returned.
40103Address not existsIf you attempt to execute a method that takes a public address as a parameter, and this address is invalid, 40103 is thrown,
40104Insufficient funds40104, or "Insufficient funds," is a common error given when a transaction (state-changing action requiring funds) is attempted while the sender has a balance lower than the minimum required to execute the transaction.
40105EIP1559: Invalid fee setting40105 occurs when attempting to execute a transaction with an invalid EIP-1159 fee setting (priority fee). Retrieve gas fees with suggestedGasFees.
40106Nonce errorBacked up RPC endpoints or attempting to send transactions in quick succession may throw 40106, which results from an invalid nonce order (value nonce on your attempted transaction).
40107Cancel the biggest nonce firstWhen attempting to cancel a transaction, 40107 will be returned if this cancellation targets a nonce lower than the largest known.
40108Transaction confirmedConfirmed transactions can no longer be canceled or sped up, thus if you attempt to do this, error 40108 will occur.
40109gasLimit too lowAttempting to send a transaction with a low gasLimit (sometimes expressed as gas). Increase your units of gas represented within this variable or estimate the gas with estimateGas.
40110JsonRPC request body errorParameters or values passed into the request body that may be invalid will result in error 40110 ("JsonRPC request body error") being returned.
40113EIP1559 transaction is not supportedWhen sending or constructing a transaction using EIP-1559 (often determined by type being 2) that is invalid or not supported in that specific context, you'll encounter error 40113.
Solana Errors: 402xx
40201Transaction ErrorAttempting to send an invalid or failing transaction on Solana via. JSON-RPC will return 40201, indicating that the transaction itself likely has an underlying issue.
40202You can not settle the auction because you have not participated in the auctionReturned apart of the old Metaplex/Action House API endpoints, not listed on
40203You are not the creator of this metadataReturned apart of the old Metaplex/Action House API endpoints, not listed on
40204Auction is not in Started stateReturned apart of the old Metaplex/Action House API endpoints, not listed on
40205Metadata already existsReturned apart of the old Metaplex/Action House API endpoints, not listed on
40206No need to unwrapReturned apart of the old Metaplex/Action House API endpoints, not listed on
EVM-Specific Errors: 403xx
40301Swap ErrorWhen using endpoints like getSwap and getQuote, if the parameters provided to the endpoint are invalid or will result in a failed swap, 40301 may be returned.
JSON RPC Errors: -32xxx

Includes standard, enhanced, bundler, paymaster, and AA RPC endpoints.
-32700Parse errorIf the server (the node or database) receives an invalid JSON request body, -32700 will be returned, indicating either an underlying issue or a problem with the values, parameters, or structure used within the request.
-32600Invalid requestSimilar to the above, -32600 will be thrown if the request object is an invalid structure or includes invalid parameters. This is a targeted error, while -32700 is generic.
-32601 / -32006Method not foundMethods are dictated through the method parameter within the JSON-RPC request; if this is invalid (doesn't exist), error -32601 will be returned.
-32602Invalid parametersMore narrowly scoped than -32600, this error (-32602) will be thrown if the parameters themselves were determined as invalid, thus not meeting the server's expectations.
-32603 & -3200Internal error / System error / Server errorLike 10001, these errors may be thrown if an internal error occurs behind the scenes. This may or may not result from an invalid request. Contact us within the Particle Network Discord to help troubleshoot.
-32001Unsupported chainIdWhen passing a chainId within the standard JSON-RPC request parameters, -32001 may be returned if this value does not correspond with a currently supported blockchain.
-32002Arrays are not currently supportedIf you're attempting to pass an array as a parameter value through either the Paymaster RPC or Bundler RPC, -32002 will be thrown due to their lack of compatibility as a type within these requests.
-32003 / -32603Not supported entry pointWhen attempting to send UserOperations to or interact with an entrypoint that isn't 0x5FF137D4b0FDCD49DcA30c7CF57E578a026d2789, -32003 will be thrown due to the current exclusive compatibility with said entrypoint.
-32004The UserOP is already processedOnce a UserOperation has been sent, processed, and thus settled on-chain, it can no longer be re-sent or modified, thus when attempting to do this, -32004 is returned.
-32005Estimate gas failedGas estimations occur either automatically through something like createUserOp, or manually through getFeeQuotes. If the parameters passed into these requests are invalid or if the transaction may fail, -32005 will possibly be returned.
-32600Invalid RequestSending an invalid request (meaning incorrect parameters, value, or structure) to the Bundler RPC or Paymaster RPC will result in error -32600, although this is a generalized error with the scope of the entire request.
-32602Invalid paramsAlternatively, for requests to the Bundler RPC or Paymaster RPC in which the parameters themselves are deemed to be invalid (rather than the entire request), -32602 will be thrown.
-32604Send user operation failedWhen sending a UserOperation to the Bundler RPC and it fails due to a variety of potential reasons (balance errors, paymaster issues, account deployment issues, etc.), -32604 is returned.
-32605Validate user operation failedSimilar to the above, UserOperations undergoing validation through the Bundler RPC that fail will result in -32605 being returned.
-32606Simulate user operation failedIf calling estimateUserOperationGas on a UserOperation that may fail or contains invalid parameters, you may encounter -32606 (or, depending on the nature of the failure, -32600/-32602).
-32003The sign request is rejectedRequesting aymaster signature under invalid conditions may result in error -32003, which refers to the rejection of the sponsorship. Ensure you've set your conditions properly and funded the Paymaster.
-32004Can not fetch the usd priceWhen calling paymasterBalance, the USD price calculation may fail, resulting in error -32004.
-32005Insufficient deposit for the projectBefore leveraging the Particle Network Omnichain Paymaster within your application, you'll need to deposit enough USDT for sponsorship. Failing to do so may result in error -32005 being thrown.