Universal Gas

At the center of Particle Network's economic model sits our native Universal Gas Token.

Particle Network's Universal Gas, otherwise known as gas abstraction, exists to solve the fragmentation and rigidity of gas tokens in transactions across blockchains. Universal Gas allows users to spend any token to pay for gas fees, and can be accessed by interacting with Universal Accounts.

Leveraging a Universal Gas, users can pay the fees on a transaction using any token. from any source chain (for example, paying fees on Arbitrum using USDT from Base). Traditionally, transactions require fees to be paid in the native token of the network(s) you're interacting with; however with Universal Gas, the denomination in which users pay these fees is flexibilized across chains.

Using Universal Gas

When transactions are executed through a Universal Account, Particle Network's dApp-embedded modal— enabled through Particle Network's Universal SDK— will prompt the user to choose the token they'd like to pay gas fees with. From this point, users can choose between multiple tokens, either coming from the same chain the transaction is executed on or from external chains, automatically consumed through Particle Network's native Paymaster.

All gas payments are eventually settled in the source and target chains, with a portion of the fee automatically routed and converted into PARTI to settle the transaction on Particle Network. As a result, end-users have the ability to pay transaction fees in a way that removes the cognitive requirement of bridging or keeping track of cross-chain balances, maintaining a pool of native tokens, etc.

Universal Gas Tokens on Particle Network Testnet

Particle Network's Testnet is currently in Phase 1, featuring an early version of Universal Gas. This version features a Universal Gas Token, "USDG", which users can access by depositing a number of other assets.


Universal Gas Token demo available

Particle Network's Pioneer campaign, running on the first Phase of its Testnet, is now live and allows you to try out Universal Gas within an experimental Universal Account implementation.