Particle Chain

The Particle Chain enables the key functionalities of Omnichain AA and our Confidential zkStack.


This section refers to an upcoming product. As such, although our concept and initial design are finalized, some changes might still occur and be reflected accordingly.

A key component of our vision is the Particle Chain, a proprietary zkEVM powered and secured through Proof-of-Stake using Particle's universal gas token. The Particle Chain is highly flexible, enabling different functions within the ecosystem.

Particle Network proposes the usage of an independent zkEVM to act as the full-chain Storage database for smart accounts. Changes to an account's Storage are handled by the Particle Chain and eventually synchronized to the Account's local storage on other chains. This zkEVM not only plays a role in Omnichain AA, but also acts as the zk-proof generator for our Confidential zkStack.


Documentation for the Particle Network Chain is still in progress. While we upload more information, you can learn more about its use cases on the sections for Omnichain AA and Confidential zkStack.