Particle Wallet

Understanding Particle Wallet

Particle Wallet is a modular, customizable wallet infrastructure providing a unified interface for facilitating interaction with accounts derived from either external Web3 wallets (MetaMask, Phantom, etc.) or Web2-based social logins (Particle Auth). Thus, Particle Wallet is simply a mechanism for interacting with accounts generated through various mediums, providing applications with a predictable and highly customizable means of account interaction. This ensures that the experience within an application is consistent across multiple connection points.

Additionally, Particle Wallet is the primary (and official) interface for interacting with accounts generated by Particle Auth (outside of specific applications). Whether your users are using a standalone wallet (e.g., MetaMask, Phantom, etc.) or logging in through their Google account, Particle Wallet offers a common mechanism for utilizing either of these accounts, often working hand-in-hand with Particle Connect.

Beyond this intrinsic unification, Particle Wallet also aims to be deeply customizable, allowing developers to cultivate an experience specific to their project. Everything from the buttons displayed to the exact theme, color scheme, and modal settings can be customized. For more information, head to Particle Wallet.


Integrating Particle Wallet

Implementing Particle Wallet within your application can occur through a few ways. For Desktop, Particle Wallet can be accessed either directly through, or as a modal popup for applications implementing Particle Auth on Web (JavaScript/TypeScript). Otherwise, specific SDKs are offered on mobile platforms for facilitating implementation of Particle Wallet, all of which are listed below. Although one of the most popular mechanisms for using Particle Wallet is through Particle Connect, which you can learn more about integrating at Introduction to Particle Connect.

Web3 API Cards


Using Particle Wallet within web applications.


Unity SDK

Using Particle Wallet within games built on Unity.


Android SDK

Using Particle Wallet within Android applications.



Using Particle Wallet within iOS applications.


Flutter SDK

Using Particle Wallet within applications built using Flutter.


React Native SDK

Using Particle Wallet within applications built using React Native.