April 7, 2023

Changelog: April 7, 2023

Auth & Wallet Service

  • Add new EVM chains
    • Ethereum Sepolia
    • Conflux espace
    • MAPO (Map Protocol)
    • Base
    • Polygon zkEVM
  • Add logic for processing pending transactions before sending a new tx
  • Add support for binding/linking other accounts for login
  • On-Ramp supports Avalanche
  • Add support for Wallet Connect V2
  • Optimize the UI for EIP712, Seaport protocol
  • Add tag for to address
  • Add support for redirect mode
  • Add a new method to check user login status: isLoginAsync
  • Add support for configuring Auth and Wallet UI Mode separately

Connect Service

  • Add Wallet, Buy, and Copy wallet connect code to Connect UI Kit

NFT Service

  • Add support for Ethereum Sepolia and Conflux eSpace